Future Hall of Fame Series

This is the first series I did, first published back in 2010, where I looked at today's major leaguers and determined which ones had the best shot at the Hall. I hope to gradually repost all of the articles over here. As of September 18, 2011, all of the original series has been reposted. Look for more on this topic in the future, though. This page serves as a directory for the series.

Articles linked in order of publication.

First Attempt
Third Basemen
Middle Infielders
First Basemen
Center Fielders
Corner Outfielders
AL and NL East Pitchers
AL and NL Central Pitchers
AL and NL West Pitchers

Series 2

In 2012, I looked at how big the Hall of Fame should be, then decided to apply those findings to more recent years. The results can be found here:

2006, Part 1
2006, Part 2
2006, Part 3
What Would a More Accurately Sized Hall of Fame Look Like?

Series 3

This is sort of a separate idea, but it's related: Can you predict future Hall of Famers based on WAR?

Hitters, Part 2

2014 Update:
Pitchers, Part 1
Pitchers, Part 2

2015 Edition:

2016 Edition: